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The term "free backgammon" is heard a lot these days and so people wonder what we mean by free backgammon? Backgammon has been with us for thousands of years and for much of its long history can say that it was a free game. The original backgammon set requires nothing more elaborate than a flat piece of wood for the backgammon board, small stones for counters and dice made from a discarded bone. Therefore, the former world backgammon players could easily get your backgammon set up without having to spend any money. With the commercialization of production down from backgammon, 1800, more people bought their backgammon sets from several outlets, but the option to make your own game of backgammon remained and still is now available for those not wishing to buy a game or maybe you just prefer to do something for yourself.

Therefore, free backgammon could well apply to the lack of expense involved in acquiring the basic elements necessary to carry out the game. It could also easily apply to learn how to play backgammon. The traditional way of learning the rules of backgammon has been through watching games more experienced players. Indeed, today a person can choose to purchase their backgammon instructions of one of the many books that have been published describing the game in detail, but there is no need to pay for a book if you live near a public library. The popularity of the game ensures that many backgammon books are usually in stock. Although most enthusiastic players often opt to join the backgammon club, membership is often freely available and can learn to play without having to pay anything still available for anyone who is interested. .

Double for backgammon game?

Ladbrokes Backgammon
•Instant Play for free or cash
•Tournaments Daily
•Max 2.5% rake

When a player offers their opponent the doubling cube during a game (this may only be done before the player rolls their dice). If the player accepts the double they take ownership of the cube and the game continues at twice the original stake. If a player refuses the double, the game is forfeited at the original (undoubled) stakes

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play65 web browser application

Dear play65 player

 Play65 is happy to announce the launch of a web application, a new online backgammon generation. The browser game is a direct method of playing internet backgammon. It requires No Download and No Installation and is available for both PC and Mac users.

 The new application was developed for the benefit of our players.
We were motivated by the idea of saving our players the hassle of downloading the software and by the desire to finally embrace Mac users and allow them to enjoy Play65 backgammon online.

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 Thanks to the new browser game, all you have to do in order to play, is log in, exactly as you have done so far, only much faster; thus, if you want to minimize the introduction stage, you can easily create a shortcut to play65 web application and omit the browsing part.

 The game rooms, graphics and features are identical to those of the download version.

 Players may choose between our real money backgammon mode, which offers the experience of playing backgammon for money; or the Virtual money mode, which enables you to play backgammon just for fun;

 It is now easier to use our software!

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